PragmaTools again nominated for the Fit For the Future Award 2017

We are delighted that with its products PragmaTools, has once again been nominated for the ‘Fit For the Future Award’ 2017,

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PBC, an efficient interaction

PBC is not a new craze, or some new abbreviation in youth slang. PBC is short for Prepared By Client List: a useful document

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Fetch more from wincc quick analyze

Figures are analysed a lot on the basis of dossier knowledge. Example: Oh yes, the ‘fees’ section has dropped by 25% because

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SmartSync & CaseWare Cloud: a new dimension in cooperation

We always strive for an audit which runs efficiently. Good co-operation is essential for achieving that! There are various

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PragmaTools for auditors: Introduction Practice Management + The ultimate PBC list on the Forum For the Future

PragmaTools is introducing the CaseWare Cloud and the ultimate PBC list during the FFF Practice Management course for

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Case Ware Win Acc: All-in-one solutions adapted to your work processes In your work as an accountant or book-keeper you have

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Successful introduction of CaseWare Cloud during User Day 2016

We look back on a successful CaseWare WinAcc user day! We're very proud to introduce our latest CaseWare Cloud developments!

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Visit PragmaTools at the Forum For the Future 24 November 2016

Convince yourself of the benefits for your office! On Thursday 24 November, during the Forum for the Future, PragmaTools is

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