How to digitise your audit or year-end close

CaseWare BeLux believes in the power of digital to make the work of accountants, company auditors, bookkeepers and other financial professionals much simpler and faster, help them work more completely and ensure compliance. This is why we are continually developing smarter and exceptionally user-friendly software, which supports you at every step of the audit process or year-end close.

Discover how we can help you with your audit, year-end close in Belgium or year-end close in Luxembourg.

World-standard financial software, tailored to the Belgian and Luxembourg markets

Our mission: to help you save time, work more professionally and give your clients more added value. Why CaseWare? Powerful software, exceptional support, and an open culture of knowledge sharing.

Our software packages combine the best of both worlds:

A robust, tried-and-trusted basis

most of our packages are based on the software by the Canadian developer CaseWare, which is the global standard in solutions for accounting, controlling and other financial services. More than 500,000 professionals in 172 countries rely on CaseWare solutions.

Bespoke development, automatically in line with Belgian/Luxembourg legislation

Our software is developed in line with the guidelines of professional associations (IAB, BIBF and IBR) so that users can always work in compliance with Belgian/Luxembourg and international standards. If the legislation changes, we automatically adjust our packages.


Our community: a unique approach

CaseWare BeLux is more than just a software developer. We work in continual dialogue with professional institutes such as the BIBF, the IAB and the IBR and with the Belgian and Luxembourg community of accountants, company auditors, auditors, tax advisors etc. Those insights, which we share with our clients, help us to understand your challenges. So that we can constantly fine-tune our software.
Our approach makes us the preferred software and knowledge partner of an ever-growing number of clients in Belgium and Luxembourg.


Our team

CaseWare BeLux pools more than 20 years of experience in the tax and accountancy world. Our team is made up of both experienced IT professionals and accountants.


CaseWare Micro-Audit: number 1 in Belgium for audit software

CaseWare Micro-Audit is the most popular financial audit software in Belgium for company auditors and audits. In 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, we won the Belgian ‘Fit For the Future’-award for best audit software!



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