An intuitive cloud-based solution for ISQM 1 streamlining your system of quality management - Caseware SQM

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Whether you are a small accounting firm or a global audit leader, SQM provides an efficient solution to design, operate, monitor and evaluate your system of quality management (ISQM 1).

Responsible parties are empowered to target efforts to areas of highest risk, increasing the reach of their efforts and improving quality within the firm. 

Powered by Caseware Cloud, SQM is always available from any location, on any device, at any time. The app is licensed on a per user basis, which means you can buy what you need, when you need it and top-up at any time.


Key Features

Built-in Objectives

With built in content and predefined objectives, information is documented once-off using a structured workflow that reduces the risk of inconsistencies and errors in the SoQM.

Continuous Updates

Content is formulated using the latest relevant International Standards and guidance issued by the accountancy body.

Quality Management

Track progress for every quality objective and monitor statuses for all linked tasks across the firm.

Centralised Data-Storage

Manage a single copy of all objectives, risks, policies and tasks with supporting documentation in one platform with redundant backup and retention.

Real-Time Notifications

Stay informed about staff activities and tasks by receiving email notifications on all changes and updates.

Focussed Risk Management

Create a truly scalable system of quality management by making use of the built in risk assessment matrix.

Many to Many Relationship Linking

Follow a streamlined process across objectives, risks, policies, responses and tasks by linking relevant items to each other.

Built-in SQM Versioning

Keep track of your SoQM with built in version management everytime the SoQM is published and easily keep track of active objectives.

Keep track of all your engagements

With the Caseware monitor add-on, you can manage all your engagements. The tool gives you an overview across all files, content info, type of assignments, progress, and so on. You can also personalise your overview.

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