Software for the year-end close in Luxembourg - Caseware Lux GAAP

Save time, raise accuracy and meet every compliance requirement: Lux GAAP automatically prepares financial statements, including all explanatory notes – ready for upload on eCDF and RCS portals.



Lux GAAP: your benefits

Save up to 75% of your time per financial statement

Say goodbye to manual input and manual cross checking in Excel and Word.  Lux GAAP does this work for you!

This means you work more efficiently and accurately.

Fully customizable

  • Choose the data and paragraphs that are relevant to you
  • Easily put together your own tables, integrate them into the annual accounts and save them for the following years
  • Easily prepare explanations for the company
  • Multilanguage available: English, French and German

Numbers you can trust

Prevent the risk of manual errors. Lux GAAP provides automated checks and validations, instructions, notifications and recommendations – to ensure accurate and error-free financial reporting.


Fully compliant annual accounts

Lux GAAP is updated with legislation so that your annual accounts always meet the requirements.

Lux GAAP: how does it work?

Automate your financial statements in 5 easy steps

  1. Import financial data directly from PCN 2020 or any other GAAP

  2. Lux GAAP automatically organizes the data in your balance sheet and P&L accounts and generates the financial statements.

  3. Review possible discrepancies (exception-based) in the financial statements (including the standard chart of accounts)

  4. Complete the notes that Lux GAAP suggests

  5. Upload your fully compliant PDF/A and XML reports on both the eCDF and RCS portals


  • Dynamic links with the trial balance data
  • Tools to automatically create content and explanations
  • Integrated validation checks, diagnostics, reviews and recommendations
  • Effective integration for all mandatory reports
  • Instantly change the language English, French and German
  • Option to add specific explanations at company level
  • Frequent updates ensure the software is always compliant
  • Supports single entity, consolidation & securitisation (multiple compartments)

Lux GAAP: who is it for?

Accountants - Fiduciaires

Trusts, family offices, private equity or other finance industry companies

Service providers, Shared service centers

Large and mid-size companies with their own accounting team

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