Software for the year-end close in Luxembourg - CaseWare Lux GAAP

Automatically prepare the financial statements for Luxembourg-based companies: from a consistent balance sheet, profit and loss account and annual report to all the necessary explanations.



How can CaseWare Lux GAAP streamline your year-end close?

CaseWare Lux GAAP is integrated software that digitises the entire year-end cycle. Predefined templates and tools enable you to prepare balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, annual reports and explanations automatically. Reviewing is simple because the integrated eCDF validation checks automatically highlight any discrepancies. This means you can rest assured that you’re uploading an accurate and consistent report on both the eCDF and RCS portal.


Save time and work more accurately and consistently

You no longer have to manually type and check figures in Excel spreadsheets, write explanations in Word, manually review it all and then convert it into the correct format. Lux GAAP takes over all these tasks from you. This means that you not only work faster and more efficiently but also more consistently, accurately and completely. Want more automation? 


Flexibly adjust the templates to your needs

As an accountant, you remain in control because you can easily adjust the preconfigured templates to your needs:

  • Choose the data and paragraphs that are relevant to you
  • Easily put together your own tables, integrate them into the annual accounts and save them for the following years
  • Easily prepare explanations for the company
  • Do you need documents in another language? CaseWare Lux GAAP automatically translates everything into English, French and German

Work smarter

This smart software guides you with automatic validation checks, diagnostics, reviews and recommendations.


Your annual accounts will always be compliant

We update CaseWare Lux GAAP every time anything changes in the legislation so that your annual accounts are always in line with the most recent legislation. We keep you informed of these changes through notifications.

  • Dynamic links with the trial balance data
  • Tools to automatically create content and explanations
  • Integrated validation checks, diagnostics, reviews and recommendations
  • Effective integration for all mandatory reports
  • Instantly change the language English, French and German
  • Option to add specific explanations at company level
  • Frequent updates ensure the software is always compliant
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CaseWare LUX GAAP: who is it for?



External accountants and accounting firms






Shared Service Centers



Larger companies with their own accounting team

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