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CaseWare Lux Audit

CaseWare Lux Audit is a Cloud solution that provides a whole new way to manage the audit process in Luxembourg. From associated communications and client requests, to risk assessment and value-added analytics, auditors can now move their focus to the right areas of each audit engagement. The result; audits are completed faster, providing higher quality results for the client and time saved on each audit performed.




CaseWare Lux Audit features


Intelligent content

Leveraging built-in intelligence, work processes are streamlined and optimized. Online content is tailored to provide only what is relevant for the engagement at hand.


PBC requests integration

Complete requests within the application for a more secure, efficient communication process. Documents and responses to requests are then carried through the engagement file.



Once set, materiality is documented within the navigation panel and can be referenced at any time. If an assessment is higher than materiality, a prompt appears to flag the financial statement area.


Analytical procedures

Trial balance data is automatically analysed and graphed, making it easy to visualize where risks may lie within the engagement. For additional tools and insights in this realm, CaseWare AnalyticsAI Lux can be activated.


Centralized risk management

New and existing risks can be added and updated at any time. Following this, a centralized summary page provides visual charts, and records and stores risk assessment notes for all work programs.


Sampling of transactions

Analyse general ledger data by sorting and filtering as well as calculating sample size to produce a list of transactions for testing directly within the engagement. Sample selection can be done using the Manual, Random, Monetary Unit or Systematic methods.

CaseWare Lux Audit: who is it for?



Financial auditors who audit annual accounts in Luxembourg

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