Automate the year-end close in Luxembourg

Save time, raise accuracy and meet every compliance requirement: Caseware automatically prepares financial statements, including all explanatory notes, and direct tax declarations (corporate income tax, municipal tax and net worth tax) – ready for upload on eCDF, RCS portals and at

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Why automate the year-end close?

Preparing the annual accounts and direct tax declarations for a Luxembourg company is a complex process. With Caseware, you no longer need to struggle with reams of Excel spreadsheets and Word documents. You can now centralise and automate the entire process.


Work more efficiently

Caseware centralises all information and structures your entire work process. The software also guides you through each step, with templates, automatic actions, reviews and recommendations. This means that you can prepare the necessary documents quickly, accurately and consistently – from balance sheets and profit and loss accounts to explanations.

Compliance is guaranteed

Caseware solutions are localised for the Luxembourg market. If the legislation changes, we automatically update your software. You stay compliant at all times.

Proven best practices from Luxembourg professionals

Caseware works very closely with accountants and other financial professionals. We keep up with the latest changes in law and understand the needs of the market. We integrate these insights into our solutions for year-end close. Your benefits? Proven best practices that help you conduct each year-end close as effectively as possible.

Work the way you want to: go full cloud or hybrid

You can choose between our full cloud solution (Lux FinTax) or our hybrid solution (Lux GAAP). Access your files anywhere and anytime, work effectively with your colleagues and clients online, and you don’t need to worry about updates or storage space.

CaseWare solutions: who are they for?

Accountants - Fiduciaires

Trusts, family offices, private equity or other finance industry companies

Service providers, Shared service centers

Large and mid-size companies with their own accounting team

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