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Data Analytics, the power of information

March 28, 2017

2017, technology is all the rage at the moment. IT and computerised analysis play a key role in all sectors. Analysing collected data has become part of our everyday lives. This provides a false sense of security. And all the data we collect leave us with an important question: what to do with these data? Pragma Tools shows you the way.

Data Analytics: putting theory into practice

Gathering data is a first step in the right direction. The actual analysis of data, however, is what is really important. PragmaTools has specialised in carrying out advanced data analysis for years now. In order to simplify this task, PragmaTools has created IDEA. It is a handy tool that helps carry out a thorough data analysis and produce statistically sound samples. IDEA is a handy tool when analysing data. Preparing the ground in advance is also extremely important when gathering data. IDEA also helps you in this aspect of your work. Although this tool does require a certain affinity with IT.

Analytics in CaseWare Cloud

We make afbeelding blog data infoyour life as a financial auditor easy with the new CaseWare Analytics tool, which is available in CaseWare Cloud. This tool simplifies the analysis of client data intuitively. You receive the history of your customers’ accounting, which can be called up with the PBC List. After you have uploaded the file into CaseWare Cloud, and have mapped out the fields, CaseWare Analytics carries out the usual analyses. The results are then immediately and automatically available to you. With CaseWare Analytics, the step to data analysis is a very easy one and you do more than just auditing what is in the immediate reach of the computer.

Data analysis, essential added value

Data analysis provides you with useful results and above all offers added value for your clients. You thus earn brownie points, but also discover essential things about the company and are able to build important recommendations for your client based on this. The aim is the optimisation of your client’s company. This also presents advantages for you in your role as an advisor. Your natural advisory role is part of your auditing role for your different stakeholders. If you use this optimisation tool, you as an advisor will never find yourself caught short by the Federal Public Service Finance’s audit, given that they also use this tool. This removes stress for your clients, and they will appreciate having a self-chosen auditor who is able to carry out this test on their data beforehand. We strive, in everything we do, to ensure optimisation of our clients’ companies and our role in this.

PragmaTools, streamlining compliancy, boosting efficiency

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