Intuitive cloud solution for your year-end close - Caseware FinTax BE

Caseware FinTax BE automates the year-end close, including financial statements, reports and checklists. The intuitive application centralises data from various sources, facilitates easy online communication with stakeholders and automatically compiles all necessary documents and reports. Tailor-made to corporates.

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How can FinTax BE help you with your year-end close?


Full cloud

Caseware FinTax BE is a full cloud solution. Records and files can be consulted any time and anywhere. You don't have to worry about having to install updates: they happen automatically.


Automate every step

Caseware FinTax BE automates your financial statements. Based on the imported figures and permanent data, the majority of content in the financial statements can be automatically generated. Thanks to extensive warnings and checks, the XBRL file is created quickly and efficiently.

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Multi-language capacity

Both the software and the content (including your own input in the notes and PDF attachments), are available in Dutch, French and English.

It is therefore easy to prepare financial statements in one language and report them in other languages.

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Work smarter together

The intelligent software supports you with automatic checklists, instructions, notifications and integrated verifications.

The intuitive workflow gives you clear insight into the status of your files and all figures and results. The integrated portal allows you to easily exchange data with stakeholders/accountants, ensuring seamless collaboration every time.

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Caseware FinTax BE centralises, digitises and automates the entire year-end close proceedings.

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  • NBB financial statements in XBRL and PDF
  • Belgian GAAP mapping (Belgian M.A.R. standardised chart of accounts)
  • Internal financial statements
  • Report bundle

Financial statements

  • VOL (full accounting model) & VKT (abbreviated accounting model), capital and contributions
  • Permanent file with directors, shareholders, etc.
  • Import balance sheet based on Belgian or foreign accounts plan

Intelligent workflow and checklists

  • Track the progress of files
  • Use your own checklists
  • Gain an instant insight into opportunities and risks in files

Online interaction with clients, colleagues and banks

  • Give access to your accountant or auditor to review the financial statements

FinTax BE: who is it for?



CFO's, controllers and internal accountants

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