User-friendly cloud app for sole traders' year-end close

CaseWare 'BBB sole traders' automates every step required to efficiently and accurately close a sole trader’s financial year. This intuitive cloud app centralises all data from various sources. It enables easy communication with clients, colleagues and banks online, and automatically collates all the necessary documents and reports.


How does the cloud software streamline year-end close for sole traders?

CaseWare 'BBB sole traders' centralises all client information and documents in one integrated, user-friendly and flexible cloud platform.

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Integrate with your accounting software

All the figures from your accounting package are automatically read by your online file.

Work with clients and banks online

Do you need declarations, supporting documents for business expenses or other details? You can request data or any missing documents from clients, colleagues or your bank through the portal. Their feedback is automatically incorporated into the online file.

Automate every step

Based on the data from your accounting package, the cloud app prepares the reports and calculates the tax results.

Offer advice based on real-time insights

The package analyses all figures and presents them in graph form. This gives you a clear insight into the results, which you can then use as a basis for optimisation in the future.

Benefit from the cloud

CaseWare 'BBB sole traders' is a cloud-based solution. Your benefits? The software can be accessed anytime and anywhere, and it is always up-to-date. Safe storage is also assured, eradicating the need to invest in costly hardware.


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CaseWare 'BBB sole traders' automates every step required to efficiently and accurately close a sole trader’s financial year. 



Online interaction with clients, colleagues and banks.

  • Cloud platform
  • Prepare files automatically by exchanging information and files online


  • Analysis and graphs
  • internal profit and loss accounts


  • Calculation of tax results (business expenses)

CaseWare 'BBB sole traders': who is it for?


Accountants and bookkeepers for sole traders

Integration with your accounting package

CaseWare 'BBB sole traders' works seamlessly with your accounting software:

Are you an SME? Discover CaseWare 'BBB companies' (cloud)

CaseWare 'BBB companies' is a user-friendly cloud platform to automate year-end close for SMEs. Integrate data from your bookkeeping package, work with colleagues, clients and banks and trust the automated system to prepare the financial statements, reports, taxation etc. Easy, accurate and online.

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