SmartSync & CaseWare Cloud: a new dimension in cooperation

November 9, 2016

We always strive for an audit which runs efficiently. Good co-operation is essential for achieving that! There are various online tools available for managing and sharing data online. These tools make it possible to modify and synchronise documents with just a click of the finger. To make this possible for audits as well, Pragma Tools has introduced  ‘Smart Sync’. This tool facilitates the sharing of Case Ware files. If you save a local copy of the Case Ware file and then make changes online, these are implemented immediately in the local copies of other team members/colleagues. We summarise the programme briefly.

Opt for safety

We all make use of a data server, which stores all our Case Ware files. Is this method really as safe as you think? Or does this merely give you a false sense of security? This raises some questions: Do you have any back-up copies of this server? And are you also sure that you can restore those back-up copies? Have you ever asked an IT specialist to look at this for you? We dare to suggest that you would answer no to at least one of those questions. How can you improve your security? By working in the cloud. This is safer than your own server. We guarantee this security by applying a system which makes back-up copies automatically and, moreover, it carries out tests to make sure that you can restore these back-up copies to your cloud. This means you can always sleep on both ears.

Immediate synchronisation

Thanks to Case Ware Cloud you always have your Case Ware files at hand and you can always save them in a secure manner. But how do you work via the cloud in a file of your choice? You only need to download the Smart Sync version of Case Ware Working Papers and you can start work at once. This means you can easily share your files with team members. Whether you work online or offline, whenever you implement changes in the file, they are always saved. This means that the changes are synchronised immediately in the parent file in the Case Ware Cloud, whenever you have an Internet connection. You don’t need a VPN connection to your own server. And so, you are always connected to your colleagues.

Working together in Case Ware Cloud

Case Ware Cloud is the logical step in working together with the team, but you can also connect easily with clients. Your colleagues have access to the same file in Case Ware Cloud. The cloud makes it possible for you to start working in the document with several people. Furthermore, the cloud ensures that your data are always up to date. This all-round system is a must for efficient co-operation. The system uses Practice Management (link) to make information available constantly for you and your colleagues.


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