Audit LUX

Revolutionize the audit process in Luxembourg

April 4, 2024

Caseware Lux Audit is our cloud solution tailored for financial vehicles in Luxembourg, as well as re/insurance companies and commercial companies.

The cloud application provides a whole new way to manage the audit process in Luxembourg. From associated communications and client requests, to risk assessment and value-added analytics. Audits are completed faster, providing higher quality results for the client and time saved on each audit performed. The latest Luxembourg standard chart of accounts PCN 2020 is also integrated.

Caseware Lux Audit empowers auditors with advanced tools and insights. Through value-added analytics, auditors can uncover deeper insights into financial data, identifying trends, anomalies, and potential risks with greater precision. This not only enhances the audit process but also enables auditors to provide valuable advisory services to clients, driving business growth and resilience.


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