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PragmaTools is ready for Biztax AJ 2016

June 21, 2016

The PragmaTools team with Noël, Koen (our new product manager) and Brenda have been working hard to make Biztax TY 2016 available. All work is done on the technical side in order to publish. However, we are still waiting on a few official forms who aren’t published yet: 275A, 275U, 275C, 275F, 275P and 275R

We will make a new version of WinAcc available next week with which you can publish the corporate tax declaration via Biztax. If forms 275A, 275U, 275C, 275F, 275P and 275R are not published by then, we will provide a draft version based on the forms of the previous year.

The WinAcc update contains the following new features:

  • Intuitive dashboard in CaseWare to replace the progress report. Kathleen and Brenda have done excellent work and worked hard on our new interface.
  • Expansion of the connections to bookkeeping software. In addition to Exact Online and Yuki we now also have a connection with Winbooks. Thanks Marijn!

Scheduled new developments for 2016:
  • Intuitive permanent file linked with e-Share This new interface will be based on the design of the new dashboard
  • Connection with BeExcellent of the IAB and BIBF
  • Micro-entities
  • CaseWare Cloud for practice management, you will be able to monitor the workflow over all your files, communicate with clients and much more.

You will hear from us soon.

Kind regards on behalf of the PragmaTools team.


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