PragmaTools is now CaseWare Belgium & Luxembourg

June 18, 2018

We’re proud to announce that PragmaTools is now CaseWare Belgium & Luxembourg.

CaseWare International is our most important supplier and with our new name we are even closer to this as an independent distributor. This is important because we’re having more and more Cloud products available, such as:

  • Analytics, data analytics for auditors and bookkeepers/accountants
  • Cloud app for special engagements
  • Smartsync server, our hybrid solution to save Working Papers files in CaseWare cloud

Soon there will be more apps available for both Audit and Accountancy, such as Micro-Audit as a full cloud app and an app for the closure of the financial year. So we’re constantly innovating.

Only our company name changes, our address and telephone number remain unchanged.

Our email addresses change to the following domain name:
The website changes to

See you soon!

The CaseWare Belgium & Luxembourg team

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