PBC, efficient exchange of information and files with your customers

August 7, 2019

An audit assignment always requires teamwork. Good interaction with your client is crucial. Because you are always dependent on the cooperation of the client for the execution of an audit assignment, we have developed the PBC (Prepared By Client) application.

CaseWare Cloud PBC is a simple and user-friendly application that has been developed to put an end to unstructured and lengthy mail traffic when you request information from customers.

The application makes it possible to create questionnaires tailored to your file. These questionnaires can be defined at office level and can also be adapted to the file. Your customers will have access to an upload portal and an overview of the requested information. Documents received via the PBC application automatically end up in a structured document manager.

The PBC application functions as an extension to the existing CaseWare Working Papers desktop solution. It contains the added value of the Cloud platform for those who work in a desktop environment. Both the PBC application and the received documents can easily be integrated in CaseWare Working Papers.

Watch the video for a short demo of the PBC app.


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