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PBC, an efficient interaction

November 22, 2016

PBC is not a new craze, or some new abbreviation in youth slang. PBC is short for Prepared By Client List: a useful document with which audit assignments can become more efficient.

PBC: efficiency in implementation

An audit always requires team work, and a good interaction with your client is crucial. In fact, you always depend on the cooperation of the client when you are carrying out an audit assignment. The client also has to prepare thoroughly if the audit is to be a smooth process. The Prepared By Client List ensures that you do not exceed deadlines, planning or budgets.

Easy to send and to receive

Through your experience, you know exactly which documents you need in order to carry out an audit well. We make it easier for you with the integrated PBC List. You can simply mail this tailor-made list of documents to your client, and, after he has received the documents by mail, he can return them to you just as efficiently. In addition, each client’s personal PBC List can easily be retrieved, thanks to the CaseWare Working Papers. You’ll receive the documents in the cloud, and can then include them in the case file. That’s how easy it is!

PBC and CaseWare Cloud

Once you know which documents you require, you should always also have an overview of the documents you haven’t received yet, and by when you need them. You can rely on CaseWare Cloud for this: a convenient platform for working together. CaseWare Cloud makes monitoring your case files incredibly easy, so that you can immediately forward the list to your client. CaseWare Cloud can also be used as a monitoring tool, encompassing the PBCs of all clients. Your clients have immediate access to the questions you need answered, and the stored replies are visible right away in the checklists of the case file. A drag & drop system enables you to include the documents you received in the correct CaseWare case file.

Streamlining Compliance | Boosting Efficiency

PragmaTools is always ready to provide you with the most convenient tools to increase your professional efficiency. The integrated PBC List will help you to work in full compliance within the CaseWare Working Papers and CaseWare Cloud. Would you like more information on this subject? We will soon be holding a webinar in which everything will be explained in detail. Register now for our newsletter (link), and ensure that you are always up to date.

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