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Save time, raise accuracy and meet every compliance requirement: Lux FinTax automatically prepares direct tax declarations (corporate income tax, municipal tax and net worth tax) and appendixes – ready for upload to

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Lux FinTax: how does it work?

Automate your direct tax declarations in 5 easy steps

  1. Import financial data directly from PCN 2020 or any other GAAP

  2. Lux FinTax automatically links most data to the correct tax codes (corporate income tax, municipal tax and net worth tax) and generates a compliant report

  3. Link the remaining data (allocation of the common expenses, transfer pricing adjustment, exceeding borrowing costs,...) to the correct tax code

  4. Calculate taxes, generate the appendixes, form 500, forms 506a and create the correct XML file

  5. Submit your XML file online at

Lux FinTax: your benefits

Save time

Automate your direct tax declarations in just hours instead of days – and, in doing so, free up time to focus on added-value tasks.

Numbers you can trust

Prevent the risk of manual errors. Lux FinTax provides automated checks and validations, which guide you through the tax workflow.

Communicate and collaborate

Exchange documents with customers and every other stakeholder in the user-friendly, easy-to-access portal.

Meet every compliance requirement

Automate direct tax declarations such as corporate income tax (CIT), municipal tax and net worth tax in line with all regulatory requirements and submit to

Embrace the power of integration

Conveniently combine financial statements data with form 500, 506a and automated appendixes – all in one solution.

Enjoy the cloud – or go hybrid

Access your files anywhere, anytime, work online with colleagues and customers and don’t worry about updates or safe storage. Rather go hybrid and combine on-premise financial statements with our cloud app for direct tax reporting? We’ve got you covered!


Cloud platform
  • Linked with accounting software
  • On screen validations, exception-based warnings
  • Full digital engagement with intelligent workflow, including all annotations and attached documents
  • Collaborate with colleagues and any stakeholder
Direct Taxes
  • Export XML for submitting to MyGuichet
  • Form 500 tax declaration (CIT, MBT, NWT…): automated and linked with appendices, calculations and PCN groupings
  • Form 506a which automates the Net Worth Tax, Corporate Income Tax and the appendices
  • Automated appendices: allocation of common expenses, transfer pricing adjustments, details of the shareholdings, computation of the unitary value…
Financial statements
  • Export PDF/A and XML for submitting to RCS and eCDF
  • Automated Disclosures, fully customizable
  • Smart Review Tools
  • Automated eCDF financial statements, including Chart of accounts, automated note references and many more

Lux FinTax: who is it for?

  • Trusts, family offices, private equity or other finance industry companies
  • Service providers and shared service centers
  • Large and mid-size companies with their own accounting team
  • Accountants - Fiduciaires

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