Integrating CaseWare Cloud engagements with MS Excel: CaseWare Cloud Connector

CaseWare Cloud Connector integrates and automatically updates all the files from your CaseWare package in Microsoft Excel. This means that you will always be working with the latest figures, even in your MS Excel documents.



CaseWare Cloud Connector: bridging the gap between CaseWare Cloud engagements and Microsoft Excel

CaseWare Cloud Connector is a Microsoft Office Add-in that provides realtime data linkage between your engagement and MS Excel. With that linkage in place, you can access and retrieve trial balance data, engagement properties and firm properties, then insert the information in a MS Excel file. If a linked value or information changes in the engagement, it's automatically updated in the excel file.

You can use the Cloud Connector to author financial statements, worksheets and schedules or to verify calculations. This is how it works:


Automatic integration of data from your CaseWare Cloud engagements into your Excel documents.


When you amend data in CaseWare Cloud, your Excel files are automatically updated too.


Starting a new financial year? CaseWare Cloud Connector automatically adjusts the data.

CaseWare Cloud Connector can be combined with:

CaseWare Cloud audit solutions:

  • CaseWare Smart Audit
  • CaseWare Lux Audit

CaseWare Cloud Connector: who is it for?



Auditors and company auditors (Belgium and Luxembourg)



Financial, operational or external accountants

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CaseWare Cloud Connector integrates and automatically updates all the files from your CaseWare Cloud engagements in Microsoft Excel.REQUEST YOUR ONLINE DEMO

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