Stel een consistente jaarrekening op met CaseWare Lux GAAP.

September 17, 2018

Drawing up financial statements in Word or Excel requires tedious and time consuming proofreading as well as manual conversions to the appropriate filing format. You can now save time & efficiently draw up financial statements by using the CaseWare Lux GAAP solution. The produced financial statements in CaseWare are eCDF approved and guaranteed to be ready for filing, taking into account predefined and prepopulated notes in which all figures are linked to the central balance sheet.

The CaseWare Lux GAAP solution uses trial balance data and company information to generate well-tailored financial statements that can be further customized and finetuned. The finished product can be uploaded to the eCDF and R.C.S. filing portals.

Drawing up financial statements was never so easy:

  • Frequent updated content ensuring compliancy with the latest Luxembourg developments
  • Automated content and note building tools saving time in compilation
  • Integrated validation checks and reviewer tools saving time in review
  • Easy integration of mandatory reports
  • Multilingual switch: English, French and German
  • Option to set up firm specific notes and disclosures

The software offers added value to a wide scope of clients preparing single entity, consolidated- and securitization financial statements.
  • Accountancy firms
  • Trusts
  • Shared service centers
  • Corporate accountants

CaseWare Lux GAAP offers additional added value in conjunction with our CaseWare audit solution, assisting in exchanging data with the auditors.

For more information go to the Lux GAAP solution page.

Do you want to know how the CaseWare Lux GAAP solution can add value to your office? Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free demo!

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